Slickster Puncher Bar Coaster Drink Set - Steel


Starlingear Slickster 5 piece coaster set in Stainless Steel


Why this set is AWESOME:

Never available for purchase to the public

Originally part of a Starlingear trade show display

Reversible coasters have different designs on each side


Sometimes, we come across some amazing items that would have otherwise never seen the light of day.  This 5lbs set of Slickster coasters from Starlingear is one of those items.  Originally designed and produced as part of their trade show display, it was never intended to be made on a mass scale.  They have seen some careful use, but most attendees stopped and stared rather than actually set drinks on them.  Thankfully, instead of going into storage, your friends at EDCaddiction begged Starlingear to sell it to us.  We were going to use it for it’s same purpose (decoration around our office), but people kept on asking about it when we would show it off.  This told us we had better make it available to you!


This piece includes 4 gear shaped coasters, with the Starlingear S on one side and Slickster on the other.  They all fit inside of a base that is machined to be the female shape of the coaster cog teeth, so they fit perfectly!