3D Torch Clip - Darkness Warrior Ruby Red Eyes


Steel Flame 3D 'Darkness Warrior Ruby Eyes' Skull Torch Clip made exclusively for use on Tactical Flashlights / Torches.    

This Torch clip features signature Steel Flame Vintage Gunmetal and stonewashed finish with 3d Large Darkness Warrior Skull in Royal Bronze.  Coolest of all, the Warrior Skull has rubies set into the eyes!!!  

This is an original Steel Flame Torch Clip and features appropriate Steel Flame signatures on reverse side of clip

This clip will fit all the following tactical Torch Flashlights:


  • Barrel Flashlight Torches
  • Hanko/ HMF Flashlight torches
  • Rotablade Vision Flashlight torches
  • Malihini Flashlight torches
  • Tain Flashlight Torches
  • Photon Flashlight Torches


This clip looks ridiculously bad-ass on most Tactical Flashlights.  If you are not sure if this clip will fit your tactical flashlight, please consult the manufacturer or your flashlight.

You may have seen Derrick’s pieces on several of the actors of both “The Expendables” movies.  After Derrick created the pieces for those Movies, Sylvester Stallone approached him and commissioned several pieces for himself.  

Steel Flame items are custom hand made in very limited quantities.  The majority of steel flame pocket clips, pendants, ring spins and other SF items are sold within hours of being posted on their website.  Here is your chance to own a limited production Steel Flame 3d Torch Clip with no wait and no excuses.  

This item includes 


  • original Steel Flame 3d Darkness Warrior Ruby Eyes Torch clip for use on tactical torches and flashlight
  • original Steel Flame sueded carry pouch