Stubby Spinner & Cigar Stand - Damasteel


Rotablade Stubby - Damasteel

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Made from Damasteel, one of the hardest raw materials to craft

Hybrid ceramic bearings for long, smooth spin

dual functionality adds a cigar stand to your pocket


The Rotablade Stubby is a precision machined hand spinner.  This example is done in full Damasteel, an exotic material best known for its signature layered pattern, which is clearly visible through the entire horizontal face of the spinner.  This material also has some heft, which makes spinning easier for longer.  Hybrid ceramic bearings ensure that friction plays as little a part as possible.  The center spin cap can be removed and swapped with a different material.

Rotablade's exotic drop schedule can be difficult to predict, so we wanted to make sure that EDCaddiction has as many to offer right away as possible!