Ti Clicker - Brass Fluted


Nottingham Tactical Ti Clicker Pen in Brass with Straight Full Length Flutes


Why this is AWESOME:

A bright metal with a warm look

Full flutes add additional grip across the entire body of the pen

Mixed metal construction makes Ti in Ti Clicker accurate


Nottingham Tactical created one of the most addictive EDC items ever with the Ti Clicker pen. It uses an in-house design and rigorously tested click deployment system for the ink. The result is a pen that can be repeatedly and satisfyingly clicked to craft important notes, sign something, or even to pass the time. 


This is the brass full flutes variant. The flutes are visually awesome! They also come with the side benefit of adding grip to the entire body of the pen.  The brass body is finished with a titanium clip, top ring, and Clicker (see, it’s a Ti Clicker even when it’s brass). This piece is brand new and ships inside of the two piece, screw type, acrylic tube.


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