Ti Clicker - Brass Killer Beez


Nottingham Tactical Ti Clicker Pen "Killer Beez" in Brass


Why this is AWESOME

An ultra-durable, badass take on the classic click pen

Machined and Assembled in the USA

Killer Beez is the newest pattern from Nottingham Tactical


Lee Nottingham Jr has created the EDC universe’s take on a pretty common office item, the click pen.  Known the world over for both easy deployment of ink and the satisfying time killer, the clicker remains one of the easiest ways to bring ink to paper.  This is no ordinary pen, however.  It begins life as brass, a material known for corrosion resistance, malleability, and use in low friction applications. It is then paired with the highest quality machined titanium clicker assembly we have ever seen, which has smooth travel and awesome tactile feel.  Lee has told us he personally tested the clicker to make sure that it would stand up to the rigors of daily use, and we can only imagine him running around the shop clicking away every second during development.


This is an example of Lee's newest pattern: the The Killer Beez.  Deep engraved to give the appearance of a honeycomb, in the opposite of the Honey Badger.  This pen was previewed in limited quantities and was widely released to the public at BLADE Show, and we wanted to make sure that you had a chance to buy it, even if you couldn’t make it to Atlanta!



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