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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Pele Custom Torch - Copper


Ti2 Designs & Charles Wiggins Flashlights Pele Custom Torch in Polished Copper


Why this is AWESOME:

Collaboration between Ti2 and CWF

Named after the Goddess of Fire

Awesome finish


When a great maker like Ti2 Designs collaborates with the torch wizard Charles Wiggins, you know something special is going to happen.  That something special is the Pele.  Named after the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, the Pele can light the way.  This example is running a Cree XP-L 4000k LED stack with the CWF Dragon Driver v3.  Its primary color is an ultra bright daylight color, and the secondary is green.  It makes this crazy amount of light from a single 18350 battery (which is included).  

This collaboration effort results in extremely limited production.  When you see one, act quickly.


This example is pristine and shows little, if any, signs that it was carried.