Tibolt - Titanium Deluxe

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Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt Deluxe Pen in Titanium

Why this is AWESOME:

The Milled and Drilled version of the original TiBolt pen

Bolt action deployment system is instantly recognizable as Fellhoelter

Sparked our EDCaddiction


What can we say about the TiBolt Deluxe? We could tell you it is the reason we are deep into EDC. We could tell you that it is made in the USA and everything that looks titanium is titanium.  We could tell you that the bolt action deployment for the ink is the smartest one handed operation idea since the clicker.


We can simply say, this thing is badass.  This is the "Deluxe" version, with a milled and drilled body (as opposed to the standard smooth body).  It is fully rendered in titanium and feels like it could outlive a person in any scenario.  Easy to change ink is a Schmidt 9000M ball point cartridge. Easy to love because, well, look at it!

 Limited to 1 purchase per customer

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