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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

TiBolt G2 - Titanium Deluxe


Fellhoelter TiBolt G2 in Titanium Deluxe


Why this is AWESOME:

The first variant of the OG TiBolt

The newest size and configuration

What started our EDCaddiction


The TiBolt is what started it all for us over here at EDCaddiction.  We were excited to see Brian's evolution of his iconic TiBolt into a more compact (without being TiNY) body and using a refill that offers a rainbow of options.  The TiBolt G2 is the latest development from Fellhoelter, and this one is the Titanium "Deluxe" body.  The Deluxe was the first variant of the TiBolt (from the totally smooth "Standard" body).  It features the milled and drilled body and grip rings.  It also features the Fellhoelter engraving directly on the body.  It can be swapped with any Pilot G2 mini refill!


**Proud to be an authorized Fellhoelter dealer**