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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

TiBolt & TiNY Bolt Handle - Copper Fluted

Sold out

ZeroFued TiBolt Handle in Copper with Fluted Body


Why this is AWESOME

A great way to add a custom touch to your TiBolt

Easy installation

Completely SOLD OUT by manufacturer


So, it's no secret that we love TiBolts around here.  The most common request that we receive is for customization parts for these amazing modular pens.  We went on a hunt to find some great bolts, and we found them in Zero Fued.  


This example is made from Copper, that has been fluted to provide additional grip to the already beautiful shape.  Copper is a live metal, and it will patina uniquely for each user, which adds an additional layer of custom on this accessory.  This is about as easy a product to install as we can think of.  Simply unscrew the nose cone (to take pressure off the bolt) and unscrew the factory bolt.  Screw in your Copper replacement, and reinstall the nose cone.  That's it. You're done.


**temporarily and lightly installed on Paul's FrankenBolt to show what it looks like on a pen.  It will screw in completely for its new owner**