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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

TiBolt - HazMat Tuxedo


Why this is AWESOME:

A World Premiere Pattern from the mind of Brian Fellhoelter

Exclusively EDCaddiction

Limited Production


The TiBolt is what started it all for us over here at EDCaddiction.  Once we finally worked up the nerve to talk to Brian about an exclusive pattern, he jumped at the chance to make our dreams come true.  This exclusively ours pen is a stylized take on our HazMat warning triangle, which has been letting folks know that EDCaddiction is REAL since day 1.  


This is an EDCaddiction EXCLUSIVE Pattern and Colorway: The HazMat Tuxedo! It starts life as a titanium HazMat (our exclusive pattern) and the machined grooves are classed up with a Tuxedo Black finish by the classiest captain of any vessel: Cpatain Axel! It was released to the public at the 11th Gathering of the USN, we released on the same day and time as the show opening! 


**Proud to be an authorized Fellhoelter dealer**