TiBolt - Zirconium Fluted


Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt Pen in Zirconium with Fluting


Why this is AWESOME:

Zirconium is is the dark metal of the exotic materials space

Flutes running up the barrel of the pen add visual pop

Easy to replace Schmidt 9000M cartridge


The TiBolt is the reason we are here.  We fell in love with this pen's modular construction which makes it a blank canvas for customization.  Just like Brian himself, our love started with titanium (all TiBolts feature at least one titanium part) and blossomed with materials like copper, bronze, and exotics. 


This is a Zirconium example.  Zirconium is an amazing hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial metal that is anti-corrosive against almost anything that isn't a flourinated acid.  Zirc, however, is definitely in the exotic material family due to its super high melting point (3,371 degrees F) and a nasty tendency for its raw material state to spontaneously combust when exposed to air. The black color comes from high heat oxidation.   This piece is then fluted, and the margin for error is 0 (since the material cannot be remelted in most normal forges due to the high heat requirements).  It requires a skilled mind, steady hands, and a watchful eye to work Zirconium.  Luckily for you, Brian has all three!


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