Unidentified Fidget Object (UFO) - Copper/Brass


Fellhoelter Unidentified Fidget Object (UFO) in Copper with Brass Buttons


Why this is AWESOME

Brian's prototype take on a fidget spinner (engraved proto run)

Copper and Brass will age uniquely for each owner and at different rates

Appears to not have a production run


Brian Fellhoelter is a mad scientist when it comes to EDC.  When inspiration strikes, he hits the bench to craft some amazing prototpyes.  Sometimes, those prototypes do not ever see a full production run.  This UFO (Unidentified Fidget Object) appears to be one of those inspirations!


This is Fellhoelter's prototype take on the hand spinner.  It has a sold copper body that surrounds the brass buttons.  The resulting two metal piece is extra special because each metal will patina uniquely and at a different speed from the other.  This example is laser engraved "Proto Run" and indicates that this was the Test and Evaluation version testing Fit, Finish, and Spin!


As far as we can tell, this piece never made it to series production, and this might be the only piece available for sale!


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