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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

TiBolt Releaded Pencil - Captain Axel "Bloody Zombie" Edition


Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt Releaded Pencil in Titanium with Bloody Zombie cerakote finish by Captain Axel


Why this is AWESOME:

Red splatter on the Zombie green shows the world that you won your fight

Done by Friend of the Brand and TiBolt finishing King Captain Axel

Bolt action lead advancement


The TiBolt is the reason we are here.  We fell in love with this pen's modular construction which makes it a blank canvas for customization.  Just like Brian himself, our love started with titanium (all TiBolts feature at least one titanium part) and blossomed with materials like copper, bronze, and exotics. This one answers an often asked question: is there a pencil?


This is an incredible Captain Axel edition TiBolt Releaded mechanical pencil.  It is a Zombie Green finish that has been bloodied up with crimson cerakote splatter.  It shows off that you are not zombie food, and that you've fought off the apocalypse.  


We are proud to be an authorized Fellhoelter retailer.