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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Torch Clip - Polynesian Triangles


Mitch Lum Machined Accessories Torch Clip in Titanium with Laser Etched Polynesian Triangles Pattern


Why this is AWESOME

A piece of the Pacific Islands for your landlocked torch

Tattooed like the warriors of Tonga and Samoa (repeating triangles from top to bottom)

Uses the de facto industry standard side by side screw-on mounting


Pocket clips are the best way to let people know about you without saying a word.  It is the best (and pretty much only) way to add a unique twist to a production light that doesn't permanently modify the piece.

Inspired by their Hawaiian island vibe, this titanium clip started life as the same clip that is mounted on the Malihini torch.  It is finished with a laser engraved Polynesian Triangle pattern.  Ancient warriors of Tonga and Samoa underwent a grueling tattoo from waist to knees and these were most often a repeating geometric pattern.  The triangle was most often chosen to represent shark's teeth, representing power and courage.