Go For Tool - Dogfight


Anso Go For Tool in Titanium Dogfight TOPO

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Second Time new, never used or carried

Designed and built for Triple Aught Design by Anso of Denmark

Functional multi-tool


This titanium multi-tool was built exclusively for Triple Aught Design (T.A.D.) by Anso of Denmark (makers of the Monte Carlo knife).  This is super easy to carry at less than 1 ounce.  It also has a full suite of functions (pry bar, bottle opener, wrench, sharpened edge, screwdriver). It also features a 3 step finish of bead blasting, stonewashing, and the Dogfight anodizing (blue with TOPO).


Second Time New, never used or carried

Overall Length

2.67 inches

Overall Width

1.10 inches


0.79 inches


Blasted, stonewashed, and Dogfight (blue) Anodized


Pry tip, bottle opener, ¼ inch wrench, sharp edge, flat head screwdriver