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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

UDO Carabiner - Titanium


 RB Tools and Design UDO Carabiner in Titanium


Why this is AWESOME:

A great way to carry 7 tools

Titanium construction for lightweight and strength

Clip to your belt and free up some space in your pocket

1/4” Hex
3/8” Hex
5/16” Hex
D2 key
Pry Tip
1.5” Ruler
Bottle opener


RB Tools and Design makes some whimsical, yet functional tools.  Starting with the RB (Rat Bastard) Bottle Opener, and moving on to the Happy Johnson (both Oscar AND Paul have one), Nathan Sanchez knows how to put the fun in functional.


This is the UDObiner in Grade 5 Titanium. Grade 5 titanium is known for its corrision resistance, strength to weight ratio, and flexibility (especially useful in clip or tweezer applications).  This thing has everything you'd want in a multitool, but can quickly clip to your belt or other gear (freeing up pocket space).  This caribiner features a full titanium gate, it features a pry tip (doubling as a handy box opener), bottle opener, O2 key, ruler with laser engraved marks on the the face, and 3 hex openings . 


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