Electron Spin Station - Aluminum

by Vorso

Vorso Electron Spin Station in Aluminium and Concave Glass Lens


Why this is AWESOME:

A dedicated surface to use your spin tops

75mm concave lens naturally brings a spin top to the center for longer spin time

Minimalist design and industrial aesthetic looks great anywhere


Voros makes great spinning items (the Flat Top and Mk1 Spin Top), but they solved a problem we didn't even know we had.  What do you spin a Mk1 (or any top) on to get maximum spin and reduce the dreaded fall off your desk? The answer is the Electron Spin Station! This piece is a precision machined aluminum base with a 75mm (2.95 inch) concave glass lens.  Why concave? Because it drives the spin top naturally to the center of the lens, reducing wobble/motion to the edge and increasing spin time.  This piece is also COMPLETELY SOLD OUT by Vorso.

It appears that the collector who originally purchased this forgot to use it, since it looks like it rarely left the box and the aluminum is smooth and free of dings or dents.

This piece ships with box, Electron Spin Station, Concave Glass Lens, and Vorso card.