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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Flat Top V1 Spinner - Brass

by Vorso

Vorso Flat-Top v1 Hand Spinner in Brass


Why this is AWESOME:

A v1 First Edition

Ultra Smooth spin thanks to ceramic bearings

Brass patinas differently and uniquely for each user


Vorso Flat Tops are some of the coolest minimalist spinners on the market.  They have a smooth, long spinning action thanks to the use of a 22mm 608 ceramic hybrid bearing.  This v1 is special, since it is part of the First Edition of Flat Top v1.  The numbering (this piece is 595) would also indicate that it was part of the first 5 runs of the v1, due to Vorso producing in batches of 100.  .

It appears that the collector who originally purchased this forgot to use it, since it looks like it rarely left the box and is still its natural brass coloring.

This piece ships with box, Flat Top Spinner, Birthday Card/COA, extra screws and custom screwdriver.