Winged Hardness Etched Sledge Ring


Steel Flame 3D Winged Hardness Etched Sledge Ring

Why this is AWESOME:

The Steel Flame take on a SFK Ring

Hardness is the sinister brother of the Darkness

Comes pre-drilled for a lanyard


The Sledge Ring is a Steel Flame spin on a beloved EDC item: The Single Finger Knuckle (SFK) Ring.  It looks like it began life as one single ingot with the top and bottom faces focused to an arrowhead shape. The top face is smooth, while the bottom face is pre-drilled with two small holes that are perfect for threading a lanyard on it (like a custom one from CordMD)!

This one is an awesome example.  It features not one, not two, but three Winged Hardness skulls on the ring.  Two on the show side, one on the reverse.  The reverse is also where the Steel Flame logo resides.  The Hardness skull is known for the distinctive sinister skull look, which separates it from the Darkness skull and its more anatomically correct design.  The etching looks great with Steel Flame's distinct and proprietary Vintage Gunmetal finish.  


Steel Flame releases very limited quantities of their handmade creations to a very devoted fan base.  Getting a new piece of Steel Flame can feel almost impossible at times, so naturally we wanted to make them as available as possible!


This example is pristine and has never been carried! It ships with a black, drawstring pouch.